Frequently Asked Questions

What is PooyaGraphic?

Pooya Graphic Advertisement is company founded in 2006, is always glad to increase the Networking by providing the best in all our Services. Our company base on the reliability, effectiveness and quality had offered a wide folder of services to our partners ensuring the fulfillment and satisfaction in our work. Pooya Graphic Advertisement focus its potential on the great power of clear and Effective communication, clear and proper, Our efforts enable us to assist you at the most indicated moments and places making highly effective the impact of your message.
All the messages you want to deliver could be at this moment in Stands, 3D printing , stickers, Billboards, T-shirts between other places you would like your message to be seen for customers, Partners presents, Marketing, raise awareness … be sure of the great service you will experiment. One of our great advantages are for example our Exclusive billboards, Mural advertisements at Heart Airport and some other services around the country. We are extremely glad to be at your service with Great commitment and excellent service experience, since your important.

What we do?

In order to assure the best service for our Customers, Pooya Graphic Advertisement counts with great equipment with the best technology used in Europe and the United States of America.
We offer the best options to address your needs in the best way in what the Afghan people need to know about you , where and how , we clear the path for you. To have the best approach to information we create an effective strategy for the challenging Afghan context, some of our strategies are: Billboard, Digital Marketing and Offset Marketing.

Who are our customers?

ROSHAN, ETISALAT, Afghan National Army and a lot more.

Are you hiring?

Yes we do, click on vacancy option on our website menu to find out about the open positions.