Offset Printing is ideal for large numbers of identical documents. Examples are Terms of Reference, textbooks or questionnaires. The
printing process is based on an “image or text ” carrier or “master ” which is needed for the outputs. This fixed cost is independent from the cost of paper or other support used for the message. The higher the quantity, the cheaper the price per unit becomes. Therefore, Offset Printing is recommended for large and ideally repeated quantities. The carrier only has to be prepared once. The Offset Printing Machines were purchased new in Germany, the traditional supplier of printing technology. The same is true for the colors. The paper of any size and weight comes from traditional exporters such as Indonesia.

Whichever other ways to communicate you need, Pooya Graphic Advertising Company always maximizes its commitment to customer care and technical commitment. All equipment is of the advanced technology in use in Europe and the United States.

We at Pooya Graphic Advertising Company are at your service. Please ask us for our advice how we can transform your approach to
information into a strategy that works in the Afghan context. Pooya Graphic Advertising Company offers more. 3D printing, special
formats, small posters, small banners for exhibitions or shops, packaging materials, not to forget T-shirts, jackets, glassware, and gifts offer opportunities to strengthen your ties with your customers and your business partners. Simply let us know your needs and we will do the rest. All other equipment, as well as raw materials for stickers, films or
giveaways or gifts are supplied by leading manufacturers worldwide.